THIS IS HOW A BRIDE FEELS with hair & makeup by Angie Mendoza Bridal

THIS IS HOW A BRIDE FEELS with hair & makeup by Angie Mendoza Bridal

Have you ever thought about the influence feeling confident in your appearance has on your mood? At such an important moment as your wedding, everyone expects to see a radiant bride and the best way to achieve this is by feeling comfortable and like yourself so you shine with an honest smile. A look that goes with your personality will make you feel comfortable, reinforce your confidence and increase your ability to enjoy yourself to the fullest. In Angie Mendoza Bridal we are passionate about creating looks totally inspired by the personality of each bride, highlighting what makes you unique.


1. How do we create a look that represents your essence?

Our primary goal is to highlight your style and bring it to the bridal world. We use your personal tastes and the chosen dress as guides to create Makeup and Hairstyle aligned with what you want to project. Your look can be classic and neat, for example; If you chose a princess cut dress, probably a soft makeup in pinks and satin tones accompanied by a collected hairstyle adorned with a tiara are ideal to complete your look.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something modern and glamorous, we will recommend a look with striking lips, perhaps in red, outlined eyes and hair in bold waves inspired by old Hollywood.

As a last example we have the relaxed and bohemian brides, who will prefer a make-up in bronze or earth tones and loose and free hair, with softer waves and probably add natural flowers as an adornment.

Our goal is that with your bridal look you feel yourself in the most beautiful, romantic and enamored version.


2. Harmony with the style of your wedding.

This aspect is key to making sure that we are creating a successful look. We pay attention to details such as the location and the type of spaces in which your big day will take place, to ensure that your Makeup and Hairstyle are appropriate for the context. The style of the decoration and the details that you have chosen to express your personality and that of the groom are also elements that we want to know, so we will ask you some questions through our questionnaire, focused on knowing the bridal style that you would like to project.


3.Positive effect on your emotional state.

At a time as important as your wedding, what you project visually is important for you and your guests, as everyone wants to see you radiant and happy on your big day. Your Makeup and Hairstyle can have a direct effect on your emotional state, your level of confidence and above all on your ability to relate and enjoy your big day. We understand the importance of your bridal look and we are passionate about giving you that boost of confidence and comfort.







For information about Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle write to us at bridal@angiemendoza.com.mx or sent a WhatsApp message to the following link https://wa.link/ghj7ur.

We have a large team of professionals to assist you and your guests.


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