It’s everywhere; in magazines, television, movies and other media, among friends and family,  we are bombarded all over the place with misconceptions, impossible expectations and fantasies that turn against us to make us feel bad and mislead us to get us to buy some product. At AM Bridal we believe that your beauty is unique and we love to highlight the essence that is only yours.


Let us tell you what we really think about Bridal Beauty.



Great skin = great makeup. Makeup is there to help you, but if you have the opportunity to start taking care of your skin and improve your habits months before your event, do your best effort with your skincare. Keeping sunscreen as a priority and consuming adequate amounts of water are very good first steps. If possible start getting professional facials, apply masks at home and use toning patches.


2. Make up doesn’t erase wrinkles. There is no amount of makeup that can be applied to eliminate wrinkles, on the contrary, if it is not applied with measure, it ends up producing a completely unwanted effect that you have probably seen in other people. Remember that less is more.


3. Skin texture is the norm. It is important to understand that Social Media is full of edited and filtered images. Even the youngest people have pores and fine lines. Don’t fall for fantasies that only make you feel bad.


4. Keep it real, love your face. You don’t need a nose job, lip filler or any other work done. Our job is to highlight your unique beauty and elevate the features of your face. Don’t feel bad thinking that your face would be better if something was different, let your true essence shine through and enjoy yourself!



5. Natural is better. In our opinion it’s useless to apply exaggerated eye shadow, blush or extra pigmented lipstick. We know how to create a natural look that will last throughout your party and look amazing both in person and in your photos. Our goal is that 10 years from now when you see those photos you will feel happy with the timeless, delicate and natural look that we will create for you.





For information about Bridal Makeup and Hairstyle write to us at info@angiemendoza.com.mx or sent a WhatsApp message to the following link https://wa.link/ghj7ur.

We have a large team of professionals to assist you and your guests.


Angie Mendoza Bridal

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